Friday, 20 March 2015

Stuff and Things!

Good Evening good people!

So I am sat here this evening sipping lemon & cucumber water and painting my nails with my newly purchased Barry M Speedy Nails polishes and I'm pondering.

Oh wait a second, what is that Mira?
You're writing a new post?

Oh maybe, just maybe I am writing to you all from my nice shiny new Samsung Series 3 Notebook?!

That's right... I am now, back in the world of computing without having to skank from my darling dziobek and his desktop! That's one thing off my New Year's Resolution list, what about you?
I must say, it really is good to be typing some randoms again in my own corner of the internet. Perhaps some swatches are a welcoming idea :)

On that note, I really should scrub my face and catch some sleep as I have work in the morrow.
Hope you have all been well!

Saturday, 3 January 2015


Good Afternoon.

First things first... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
As you may be fully aware, one has not been posting at all. With so much going on in my life right now, it's been quite difficult to find some sort of schedule for blogging. Sadly, I have been without a laptop for quite a long time now and it's quite difficult to post from my phone...

My plan for 2015 is...

1. Get a laptop.
2. Refresh blog.
3. Refine stash.
4. Take care of nails more.
5. Learn more hair styling techniques.
6. Eat less crisps. NEVER.

I will be adding and updating my blogsale once I have began refining with better images, once I find my flipping camera cable. Screw it, I'll buy a new one! However, I will still be active on other social media sites in the meantime (user friendly apps!).

Instagram: MiraSundari
Tumblr (NSFW):
Tumblr (beauty):
Pinterest: mirciamircia
Depop: @freddier85
Makeupalley: FreddieR

So in the meantime, I will still be faffing around on these networks with the odd update over here. Eventually I may consider moving everything over to Tumblr for the blog as there's more freedom!

Thanks for reading, be back soon ♥

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Hello everyone!

I have started to list a few items on my sale page. This will only be for a couple of weeks as Christmas is fast approaching meaning the mail will get a bit slow... Please go to my sale tab or click here:


A quick additional item...

Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Portfolio (Holiday 2011).
No brushes, but has been used less than x5.
15GBP Shipped (UK only).

International on request.

Please do not comment on the page, email me as directed any requests to foster_mira [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk

Thanks for reading ♥

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Some ponderings and current favourites...

Good Afternoon!

Sometimes I just don't even know what to say. Many of you are aware I have finally just moved into a new house, well it's not new it's a fudging HOLE! Between the bath being damaged, the new bath being damaged, the shower flexi-pipe being damaged, the plaster under the bath being damaged... I cannot even. So lately, I have barely even been in the mood for styling my hair let alone anything beauty related! Until a couple of items came into my life.

I just wanted to share with you all my current go-to's for a basic face. Minus the essentials like blush and mascara as they seem to be varying lately...

Makeup Academy Bronzer - Shade 3.
Quite frankly this had been purged, but as you are all aware I am a bit of a bronzer fiend with the added fact that I actually use up bronzers very quickly! Now since coming back from Tenerife, my skin still has a sunkissed glow that I am attempting to maintain for as long as possible until my next sunny holiday. Whilst I love my trusty YSL dinner plate bronzer, it just does not pack the punch that I long for. Enter the £1 bargain that was originally for that pesky £20 FOTD challenge. It's more red toned than I usually favour, but perfect for trying to enhance my current glow as it is also dark enough!

Soap & Glory Hand Food.
I have never really been fond of this brand until recently... I usually prefer L'Occitane for hand cream, but this stuff is really amazing, not to mention that I am loving the scent! As someone who gets extremely dry hands, Hand Food seems to be fulfilling it's duties.

Bourjois Happy Light Base Serum - Matte.
Recently I have actually been using Benefit Porefessional on my Tzone to fight my oilies, although I should really address the skincare first! But as part of a swap this landed in my lap recently and I must say... light and mattifying much! Only using it on my Tzone of course, but I am genuinely impressed.

MAC Studio Fix fluid - NC25.
I need to get a bottle of this stuff in NC30 quite frankly as NC25 is a tad too light (maybe I'm compensating with bronzer?). I always seem to go back to Studio Fix, whether it's in the fluid or powder form it is an absolute holy grail product that I will forever have in my stash.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow - Ebony.
This was from a very gorgeous girlie at work of whom I miss now she has moved departments (a fellow brow enthusiast). Now I am fond of MUFE's Aqua Brow, but this pomade has taken over my life! I am more than happy to sport a minimal look of bronzed skin, mascara and strong brows.

YSL Elle Intense.
Now with the summer completely gone I have been yearning for more depth in my fragrance. Although, I usually prefer the gorgeous woodiness of Serge Lutens Chergui but since that has run out... I am left searching my stash. This bottle popped out as I love the regular Elle, but the base notes of amber and patchouli that settle have me hooked.

Now I will be off to edit pics as I will be attempting to sell some of my many purged items on Facebook and a blogsale.

What are your current go to's for beauty?
Thanks for reading and hope you have a lovely evening ♥

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A quick uppdate...

Good Afternoon peoples!

So I have been extremely busy, but for a very good change.

After 2yrs of minimal living in a wonderful new build of an apartment, my dear Edek decided we have to move as we need a house, garden and stairs... 

Well, before that let's just say I finally managed to escape to an island full of sun, sea and volcano? Oh yes, that'll be Tenerife then really. I was not expecting to step off the plane at 27°C, oh but there it was! The only snapshot I have uploaded so far (via Facebook of course), is of the mid afternoon sun whilst Edek & I strolled to find his diving centre...

It's at this point I wish I could find my cables for electrical goods for uploading items, this will come shortly as I have a few of Mount Teide which was an utter beauty! In fact, I have no idea where my digital camera even is?! Oh goodness, the joys of moving house people.

Back onto moving... So I get a phone call whilst in Tenerife from none other than my local Virgin Media rep asking me if I've moved house as a new order has been processed for my current apartment, and this is how I find out that everything has been processed successfully and we managed to not only secure the new house but to find a new tenant for our apartment after listing it for one day! Then the challenge of actually moving. I don't even know where to begin as packaging the build up of 2yrs worth of goods without sorting them can only be described as sheer horror. Going back to work on a 9 till 5 shift and 3 days to move is painfully sickening. No wait, that's how I feel because I got drenched in the process. I am glad to say that despite everything that we had to endure during those 3 days, it is done.

Stairs are mine.
Bay windows are mine.
Garden is ours
Squirrels in garden are sharing that.

Once I am set up and fully unpacked, I will be pleased to return back to the world of blogging as I will have the space and light required for all things beauty related. With a quick and brief update of my current FOTD faves. No, really this is all I have been using for the last 3 weeks with the odd foundation now and again. 

NARS Eyeshadow Primer.
Makeup Forever Aqua Brow in 40.
Makeup Forever Aqua Shadow in 20E.
Rimmel ScandalEyes mascara in Extreme Black.
Paul & Joe Blue Horizon Bronzer B.

Sephora Professional 43.
Zoeva Brow Line.
MAC 252.
Urban Decay double ended (Naked 3).
Muji spoolie tool.

Well, that is all for this wonderful afternoon. Well actually it's raining, but it's my day off!
Hope you are all well and ready for Halloween :)
Thanks for reading ♥

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Guerlain Rouge Automatique in 171 Attrape Coeur vs YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 51 Corail Urban & 52 Rosy Coral.

Good Afternoon World!!

So hello, how are you all? I'm having a glorious week off work chilling out with the other half, well it is after all his birthday today, Might I add, he is still in bed snoozing at 2.20pm... So a little parcel dropped through my letterbox today, so overwhelmed with glee (Thank you Poneyhot!!).

As I've decided to go back into the world of Swapping, which I forgot involves many hours of updating swap and wish lists... My first trade turned out to be a darn good one! My first Guerlain lipstick, yes the glorious Rouge Automatique in 171 Attrape Coeur ♥ As many of you may be aware, I am having many an issue with the colour of coral. It's everything that I want in my life, yes that's right. I WANT TO BE THE COLOUR CORAL! This is just another fine example of me not knowing where to draw the line and another indulgence.

So, without further ado... I give you swatches!
This is a comparison alongside 2 of my current favourites, YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks in 51 and 52, various light attempts as my apartment is very prone to hoarding the light until the evening.

 Aaaaah, such bulky, slidey packaging! Who am I to deny my love for sliders :)
Left to right:
Guerlain ~ Attrape Coeur
YSL ~ Rosy Coral
YSL ~ Corail Urban

Swatches in the same order, first image is indoor natural light. Second image is an almost getting some sunlight moment... FAIL.

So happy with the colour as it appears to be in the same colour family as Rosy Coral, just not so much of a pigmented cream formula. A FOTD will follow, I do promise you that!

Hope you all have a wonderful day, thanks for reading ♥

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Ummm, so can I quit work already?


It has been utterly too long! Work has been sucking the life out of me, I feel like my very essence is no more and work has drained my soul :(
Hopefully soon I will find my escape from work into a better path as I seem to be stuck, only the cliquey get to move on and I do not want to roll like that...

But I come to you begging forgiveness! I have been a little boring with my beauty, even wearing none at all at times. Please accept my deepest apologies with a half yearly favourites post and a Charity Ball FOTN(ight)...

So, I seem to be living in pale neutrals, peaches and corals. Even my nails love to be coated in corals, pale and neon... Although neon green is a love of mine lately! I want to blame that utterly delectable Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. All was well until I purchased that bad boy, since then I've been spiralling into a world of MFBB?! Well, nudes and neon go hand in hand right?

Oh well, enough life rantings and more makeup ramblings!

Bourjois CC Cream ~ #33 Rose Beige.
Seemingly an easy go-to for me now, a lot more matte than I expected. The colour is ever so slightly off, a teenie bit pink but easy to correct with powders. May get the Bronze to compare as I'm starting to catch the sun now!

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat ~ BD50.
I have actually finished this bottle and in desperate need to replace. This foundation is utter perfection for me, love the finish, colour match and that it makes my skin look perfect. I have got to get another bottle already... Maybe in a shade lighter for winter too!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid ~ NC25.
As you can see, this is a bit too light for me atm. Need to grab a darker shade for mixing but dang do I love this! This foundation has been a makeup bag staple since I first applied it to my face.

NARS Blush ~ Deep Throat.
Chanel Joues Contraste ~ Espeigle.
Tarte Amazonian Blush ~ Magic.
I am grouping these guys together. Quite clearly I am addicted to coral toned blushes! The Tarte is relatively new, but I have to say I am quite impressed by this one (not to mention their darn bronzer which I finished).

Urban Decay ~ Naked 3.
Please, let me stop using this thing... I friggin love this palette. Words cannot even. I cannot even!

Catrice ~ Oh, it's Toffeeful! & Ooops... Nude did it again!
I am in love with these shadows, the texture and longevity has meant they never leave my bag. Only problem I have is that Catrice have discontinued Toffeeful. DISCONTINUED :( Let the hunt begin for all the back ups in the world.

Inglot Gel Liner ~ #79.
We all know I am partial to red winged liner, so how could I refuse this guy when visiting the Inglot concession in Gliwice? Of course I couldn't, I will most certainly be getting a few more of these when I next visit. My HG Essence (also discontinued) has now been replaced by a very smooth and creamy liner.

Inglot Duraline.
Not that I love liner or anything, I thought I'd give this a whirl. It seems to be smoother than Illamasqua's Sealing Gel. I am loving mixing it with MAC pigments and smearing across my lids.

Benefit They're Real mascara.
So I may have subbed to Birchbox UK last month, the Brazil themed box might of swayed me :) But this was part of it! I have to say, I am actually impressed as it gives me wonderfully full lashes. Just a bit sad that it seems very heavy incomparison to my trusty Rimmel.

MUFE Aqua Shadow ~ 20E Pearly Taupe.
A summer staple and such an easy product to use! I just smush onto lids, blend and done. 20E is for me, a cream form of WnW Nutty (which I seem to destroy all the time).

NYX Infinite Shadow Stick ~ Almond.
Sooo, this might be pretty much the same as the MUFE. Colour, texture & longevity... I love them both as they make life easy *shrugs* lol!

NARS Longer Than Life pencil ~ Rue Bonaparte.
This is the perfect nude pencil for my skintone, not only for my waterline but for creating a super sharp brow too!

Rimmel ScandalEyes mascara.
Ah, my trusty HG. This is the regular black version, I do favour the blackest shade as I have very dark hair but either way I swear by this stuff. Gives me full, voluminous lashes which I most certainly lack.

MUFE Aqua Brow ~ #40.
A recent purchase (also whilst in Poland), I was in desperate need of a replacement brow product as my WnW was dead. Not being one to prefer cream over powder for brows thought I should dabble in MUFE's offering. Ummm, so I kinda love it. Maybe a lot...

YSL Rouge Pur Couture ~ #52 Rosy Coral.
Yes, I found it!! FOTD to come... But geeee it sure is lovely.

Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge ~ #9.
Since this fruity smelling, gel tint landed in my lap it has not left my handbag. I seem to wear this as my everyday lip colour, stains oh so beautifully too ♥

Blistex Intense Moisture.
I need to repurchase the Relief Cream... But in the meantime Intense Moisture has certainly helped with my dry cracking lips due to living in a climate controlled building.

Models Own Polish for Tans ~ Flip Flop & Shades.
So the coral love continues, only this time an injection of green. Gloriously bright green too! I am in love with these 2 shades, they really do compliment a tan. Will definitely be getting a few of the others.

Models Own Ice Neon polish ~ Pink Punch.
I already had Pink Punch, but could not resist to try the Ice formula which is more like a jelly quite frankly. Yet another neon coral to add to my collection...

OPI ~ Live.Love.Carnival.
Do I need another bright coral you ask? No. Yes. Maybe? Of course I had to grab this.

Essence Nails ~ Caring Nail Oil.
This was a spur of the moment purchase, but my cuticles are always so dry and I do find the smell of this oil quite soothing. 

Well, so that was a fair bit of rambling! Does one top it off with a FOTN? Of course one does :)
This was from a few weeks ago, my workplace held a Charity Ball (tickets 25GBP with unlimited drinks? YES PLEASE) for the entire department. My makeup most certainly held up, next day however... I did not!

Products Used.
Benefit The POREfessional primer
MAC Studio Fix Fluid ~ NC25
Chanel Poudre Cristalline
Rimmel Stay Matte ~ Transparent
NARS Bronzer ~ Laguna
NARS Blush ~ Gilda
Rouge Bunny Rouge Liquid Highlighter ~ Sea of Tranquility

NARS Eye Primer
Catrice Eyeshadow ~ Oh, it's Toffeeful! (upper lid)
Chanel Quad ~ Kaska Beige (darker shades on lower lash line)
MAC Pigment ~ Vanilla (highlight)
Essence Gel Liner ~ Midnight in Paris
MUFE Aqua Brow ~ 40
Benefit They're Real mascara

YSL Rouge Pur Couture ~ #52 Rosy Coral.

Well, that's all for this lazy Saturday afternoon! Hope you are all well and thank you for reading ♥