Monday, 21 November 2011

Ebay adventures.

Good Morning!

Well, I decided to create my own ebay account instead of using the partner's. I need to build this feedback for myself right? At first I considered selling, but why pay hideous ebay fees when you can blog sale items now. So I bought a few items, lol! :)

I got a tip off that someone was selling off some Le Metier de Beaute pencils (thank you tipper!). The seller only had 2, so I grabbed one of each of course!

Le Metier de Beaute Dualistic Eye Pencil in Sequoia ~ A very dark brown.
Le Metier de Beaute Dualistic Lip Liner in Nudite ~ A peachy brown hue, similar to the No7 Nude lipliner.

Then after a little swatch viewing and gentle shoving, I decided to buy one of those much loved Rimmel mousse eyeshadows. Only to realise, why on earth have Rimmel discontinued them?!

Rimmel 8hr Colour Mousse in Sassy ~ A rich metallic taupe.

Pics anyone?
Prepare for dodgy ones of course, now is when I miss the wonderful summer sun when I have winter clouds :|

Rimmel Sassy, in natural doom & gloom.

Rimmel Sassy, with flash.

Taken with flash.
Top: Le Metier de Beaute Sequoia.
Bottom: Le Metier de Beaute Nudite.

And now for some swatches. Apologies, I swatched on my hand which meant over my scar!

Indoor light.

With flash on.
Left to right:
Le Metier de Beaute ~ Sequoia
Le Metier de Beaute ~ Nudite
Rimmel ~ Sassy

Anyone hauled anything good from ebay lately?
Have a good Monday (if that's ever possible) ♥


LauraJean396 said...

*licks your hand* Sassy is gorgeous and those pencils look really nice!

MiraSundari said...

Thanks LJ, it was your taupe vid and some nudging from miss eyes catch fire that made me get Sassy :D

The Driveller Kate said...

Sassy looks just blah and dull and revolting! Also, I'm pretty sure you're allergic to mousses. Here, let me dispose of it for you...

The Sneakerette said...

Whoaaaa Sassy is so metallic! Totally wasn't expecting that, from what looked kinda like mud in the pot haha :x It's super pretty swatched though :D

MiraSundari said...

I knew it D: lol! You evil genuis >:]

@The Sneakerette,
That's exactly what I thought when I first opened it! But it did swatch much nicer than I expected :)

chrissa said...

I can't wait to get Rimmel Sassy! *wills the post to work faster* I'm glad you're back to beauty blogging, Mira <3

This passenger's element said...

Pretty yummy swatches Mira! That rimmel shadow is ridiculous! Glad you are back sweets!

MiraSundari said...

I have to thank you for your gentle enablings of Doo Eet, lol >.< It'll be gorgeous on you!

@This Passenger's Element,
Thanks hun :) Sassy is more than I expected!!