Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday Favourites #1.

Good Morning and Happy Black Friday!

So I've decided to start a Friday favourites instead of monthly favourites this time round. Reason being, by the time the month rolls out I've either forgotten to post or I've forgotten all products ever to touch my face... Yeah, like a sieve indeed. So here we have the first instalment :)

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in #53 Light Biege ~
I usually prefer a more full coverage foundation due to the redness on my lower cheeks, but for some reason since I purchased this early this year I have not stopped using it! It is a lightweight gel like formula that feels like skin for me.

Shu Uemura Glow On in P Peach 42 ~
I have been so lazy with blush lately only wearing bronzer and an illuminator, but this is such an easy blush to wear as it goes with most of my colour choices (purples or greens atm). Being a P (pearlescent) shade, it has a beautiful sheen that means I can skip using a highlighter too.

Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in #82 Emerveille ~
Did I mention I'm having a peachy week? lol, Emerveille is fantastic for me when I'm in a hurry. A quick wash on the lid is a beautiful peachy M Lids BB, and if I need more I can just amp it up with a colour in the crease.

DollyWink Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Black ~
Even though the Shu Uemura refillable pen liner is an absolute Holy Grail for me, I am lazy. I need to change the cartridge, but instead I grabbed this and have been using it a fair bit lately. Great long thin brush tip, and very opaque liquid. Can be built for a a very intense black line, absolutely fantastic for a sharp wing.

Hourglass Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara in Onyx ~
I tried this sample in October when I received it, and strangely my eyes felt like they had been butchered?! I think I was having some issues however as most of my makeup was not agreeing with me? I decided to give Film Noir a second chance before binning and BOY am I glad I did! Gave me thick full lashes with no clumping. I will certainly keep trialling this and who knows, maybe an actual purchase may take place...

Last up today is this Anthem of the week.
You guys may not know, but if there is one thing I love more than makeup it is music. I am always open to all genres of music, but lately I cannot get enough of dubstep (thanks to a certain gorgeous Swede). This track is the Tomba remix of Fytch & Captain Crunch ~ Raindrops. The vocals on this one has that sing along factor for me :)

Well, thanks for reading.
What have you favourites been this week?


The Driveller Kate said...

*steals the format of your post, runs off giggling manically*

Seriously, I'm so glad you gave the Hourglass another chance! It's lovely stuff -- good for rushed mornings when I can't be faffing about with LEFP and lash guards etc.

MiraSundari said...


LOL, yes that's right... Join the Fridayness :)
Thanks hun, I'm honestly glad I dodn't ditch the Film Noir it has opened a whole world of volumising mascara options now ♥

The Sneakerette said...

I have Healthy Mix coming in a swap.. I'm so excited to try it!!! I've been wanting to for foreverrrr but could never get a hold of one over here haha =]

This passenger's element said...

Ugh, wish I could have access to Healthy Mix! Been lemming, but no longer available in the US. Liked this post! :)

MiraSundari said...

@The Sneakerette,
Fantastic! I love the regular Healthy Mix but it doesn't work for my skintype :(
I hope you love it, especially as it smells oh so good!

@This Passenger's Element,
Thank you :)
If you know your shade, is one place that you can find it otherwise I'm sure there's always a way *wibbles eyebrows*