Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Haul: Change of plan... Rouge Bunny Rouge style of course!

Well hello again.

So I was planning a 3 day special of my favourite purples (as there may be a few of them), but a knock on the door changed everything! Yes, it was Mr delivery man with a parcel for moi. Indeed it was my RBR goodies from the Zuneta 20% promotion this weekend. Now, what did I get...?

From left to right:
Fire Drops, Loose Glitter Pigment
~ Caress of Mink (taupe)
~ Embrace of Cashmere (champagne gold)
Seas of Illumination, Highlighting Liquid
~ Sea of Clouds (white)
~ Sea of Tranquility (pinked white)

These are my first loose glitter pigments and WOW they are much bigger than I expected! The lid comes off revealing a dip stick which is rather cute quite frankly. On first impressions, the pigment themselves are not at all glittery, these 2 are more of a subtle shimmer which I can be built up for a gorgeous metallic finish (think MAC Pigments). They are very smooth and refined, with no need for a sticky base like other brands when swatched.

As for the Highlighting Liquids, I knew what to expect as I have had samples of each. A beautiful white from Sea of Clouds and Sea of Tranquility is a very gorgeous pinked white with a hint gold pearl, which was near impossible to capture today. Now some swatches!

Taken indoors, in the shade.

Taken in direct sunlight.

From left to right:
~ Sea of Tranquility
~ Sea of Clouds
~ Caress of Mink
~ Embrace of Cashmere

I will follow up with an EOTD (as a FOTD would be horrendous due to a very unwanted skin anger) using both pigments of course!
Thanks for reading ♥

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