Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Swatches.


As promised here are some updated swatches of my current Rouge Bunny Rouge mini stash. Since my first haul earlier this year from Zuneta, I have been smitten with all of these products. Sadly, I have only been able to add one new product since that first haul. The textures and pigment is so complex, every product has been worth the so-called 'high' price tag. In my opinion it is darn good value and I'll certainly be buying more :)

Here is my current line up...

I actually love the packaging...

Taken with flash.

Clockwise from the top:
For The Love of Roses, Original Skin Blush
~ Orpheline (strawberry red)
~ Florita (raspberry red)
Hues of Enchantment, Colour Burst Lipstick
~ Word of Mouth (raspberry red)
Seas of Illumination, Highlighting Liquid
~ Sea of Showers (white gold)
~ Sea of Nectar (peach gold)
Joys and Desires, Decadent Duos
~ Flamenco/Duende (peach/nude)

Taken with flash.

Natural light.

Clockwise from top left:
When Birds Are Singing... Long Lasting Eyeshadow
~ Abyssinian Catbird (bronzed green)
~ Angelic Cockatiels (pale peach)
~ Bejewelled Skylark (warm chocolate brown)
~ Delicate Hummingbird (dusky lilac)
~ Mysterious Tinamou (dark sea blue)
~ Resplendant Quetzal ( gold lime)
~ Unforgettable Oriole (white gold)
~ Whispering Ibis (forest green) oh the idiotic damage :(

And now for swatches, all swatches are taken without flash in a well lit room (I have a rather large window in my stash room!) in shade and direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight.

In shade.

Long Lasting Eyeshadows. from left to right:
~ Abyssinian Catbird.
~ Angelic Cockatiels
~ Bejewelled Skylark
~ Delicate Hummingbird
~ Mysterious Tinamou
~ Resplendant Quetzal
~ Unforgettable Oriole
~ Whispering Ibis

In direct sunlight.

In shade.

Left to right:
~ Word of Mouth
~ Flamenco
~ Duende
~ Sea of Nectar
~ Sea of Showers
~ Florita
~ Orpheline

Well, any questions regarding any of these products I will try to answer. But as a whole, I absolutely love all of them dearly and has certainly became one of my favourite brands over the past 8 months!

If you have any product swatch or EOTD requests please leave a comment or send me an email at
Thanks for reading ♥


The Driveller Kate said...


I would love a Whispering Ibis EOTD to help me decide whether I really 'need' it :)

chrissa said...

You've created new lemmings for me: Sea of Showers and Unforgettable Oriole!

I have a request! I was actually talking to Laura about that the other day. I'd love to see a Bejeweled Skylark EOTD, please! I'm on the fence about that shadow, so I wanted to see how it'd look on someone with similar skin tone.

MiraSundari said...

Ah yes, I will certainly see what I can pull out my poor Whispering Ibis! I had to dig a layer of superglue from the top of it... DOH!

May I demand RBR inventory swatches from you too? :P

Both of those would look gorgeous on you!
I can indeed do an EOTD with the Skylark :)

The Driveller Kate said...

I hope this has taught you an important lesson about never ever repotting things again. heh :*
Swatches when I go home :D Hopefully with some additions courtesy of Santa?

MiraSundari said...

It really has, after the skewiff Le Metier shadows and now this I now know to let nature take it's course ^^

Aaaaaah, I forgot santa could bring one some more RBR. Yay :D

Charisse said...

Ack so many pretties! Of course when I did decide to order, Abyssinian Catbird and Orpheline was OOS. I did get Bejewelled Skylark though.

And I was able to order some japanese kit kats last night mwahaha. That was all your fault you realize? :D

Musing on Beauty said...

OMG all the prettiesssss!!!!
Love them!
I enjoy Angelic Cockatiels a lot these days, I just can't get over how beautiful it is when you apply, it just looks like molten metal <3

MiraSundari said...

LOL! Really? Which Kit Kats did you get?
The green tea one is particularily yummy :)
Thanks, Bejewelled Skylark will look fab on your skintone. I can't wait to see a FOTD!

@Musing On Beauty,
Thanks hun! I absolutely agree, Angelic Cockatiels is just divine. Very much like molten metal indeed :)

Martha said...

I love my RBR things too. And need to post my swatches soon. I am a lazy blogger for now though :) thanks for your swatches though, I love the look of resplendent quetzal!

MiraSundari said...

Thanks hun, I look forward to your swatches as I know you have some fab RBR products! Quetzal is a zingy lime, perfect with the blues in the current line up :)