Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saturday Superdrug mini haul anyone?

Good afternoon!

I can only apologise for my utterly atrocious blogging skills as of late. One may have been over working a little too hard for my liking :( Throw in a change of hours too and I had to kiss goodbye to any daylight time for pictures... Anyway, I am working on a post for the Christmas goodies that I should've posted eons ago. But for now, just to get the taste buds going here is a couple of goodies I grabbed for myself today.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation ~ 103 True Ivory.
Sleek Blush BY 3 ~ Pumpkin.

Left to right: Lantern, Squash and P Pie.

I knew absolutely nothing about these Sleek blush trios until a certain someone posted swatch pics on a different website... All I knew is that I Pumpkin needed to be mine! I may go back for Flame in fact, still deciding. No swatches as rain is coming down like no other at the moment, but hopefully when the clouds clear I can get some good pics to add this evening :)

Added swatch pics, no sun sadly as the clouds are here to stay with what can only be described as giant wet rain o.O

Yummy finger swatches ♥

And gloomy arm swatches, my skin looks really pale here as I am COLD!
Left to right: Lantern, Squash & P Pie.

As for the foundation, I'm not going to lie to you. But I am not a fan of Rimmel, just always seem to walk past the display. To the point that I nearly missed out on getting one of those mousse eyeshadows! But I got a sample of this foundation in this months ELLE magazine (the one with the free Soap & Glory mascara, which I love) and thought, I'll give it a shot. Despite the sample being crazily dark and orange, it actually lasted all day on my combination skin and looked quite good by the end of the day too! So hopefully this shade will work out better for me *crosses fingers*

Well, off to play with the blush now. I really want to use the Lantern shade as an eyeshadow...
Thanks for reading and being patient with me ♥