Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge comparison swatches.

Good evening!

Well, this is indeed a request post (Yes Driveller, this is for you!!) as I recently acquired 2 more Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows in Tantalizing Lovebird and Veiled Lyrebird. So here we have it, a comparison of Lovebird and Lyrebird with Angelic Cockatiels, Fire-Tailed Sunbird and Unforgettable Oriole. Pictures taken in direct sunlight, in which certain multi-dimension sparklies became more apparent!

From top left, clockwise:
~ Unforgettable Oriole, white gold.
~ Veiled Lyrebird, peachy pale pink.
~ Angelic Cockatiels, cool golden peach.
~ Fire-Tailed Sunbird, holographic apricot pink.
~ Tantalizing Lovebird, cool coral pink.

Swatched in alphabetical order, as you can see the new arrivals are far more pink compared to the other eyeshadows. Well, I hope this is of some help to someone! I will be doing a FOTD using Veiled Lyrebird soon as I am absolutely in love with it :)

If you do have any requests for swatches or FOTDs, please feel free to leave a comment or even email me!
Thanks for reading ♥

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