Saturday, 1 September 2012

Welcome September!

Good Morning blog readers!

One is incredibly sorry for being absent for so long, but I feel it's time to return... I need to get back into the routine of blogging again and decided September is the time for this, lol :)

So today, 1st September I bring you swatches galore! I finally acquired all the Sleek Makeup Eau La La pencils, which I have been utterly addicted to since they first came into my life. You can buy them from Sleek for £4.99, but if you are not aware Sleek have recently relaunched their website and until the 5th September you get a 20% discount off your entire shopping bag!

So here goes ladies and gentlemen...

Sleek Eau 

From left to right, in alphabetical order.
Blue Moon ~ Metallic dark green blue.
Bullion ~ Metallic gold.
Canary Yellow ~ Cream bright yellow.
Cobalt Blue ~ Cream bright pale blue.
Cocoa ~ Cream cool dark brown.
Dragon Fruit ~ Cream dark pink.
Lingerie ~ Cream cool medium pink.
Melba ~ Cream bright peach.
Molasses ~ Cream warm dark brown.
Moulin Rouge (Now simply called Rouge) ~ Cream bright red.
Noir ~ Cream black.
Nutcracker ~ Cream medium warm brown.
Pumpkin ~ Cream bright orange.
Raisin ~ Cream dark purple.
Red Sky Night ~ Cream pale pink.
Sand Dune ~ Cream tan.
Satchel ~ Cream warm brown.
Tonic ~ Metallic teal.
Venom ~ Cream red toned purple.
White Noise ~ Cream clear white. 

Well, hopefully that makes sense as I'm not quite with it this morning... Colour descriptions was like trying to squeeze blood from a stone! But now for some swatches, I kept the shades in the same order as above going from top left to right.

Taken indoors in a well lit room.
Taken in direct natural light.
Well, I hope that has been of some help to someone but I cannot recommend these liners enough lately! They took some real work to remove from my hand, involving wipes, Bioderma, cleansing oil and SCRUBBING! But they last all day on my eyes and waterline and come off with cleansing oil with ease thankfully :)

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend ♥

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