Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Art Deco eyeshadows.

Good Afternoon people!

After a very long time of actually owning these Art Deco eyeshadows, yes yes since July... I finally get round to swatching them. Although, this is with my new camera might I add! Feels better using it rather than my phone :)

Okies, so here we go. All taken in natural sunlight and then direct sunlight to try and capture the complexity of some of the shades. Please excuse the state of these eyeshadows, some of them have gouge marks in due to my clumsy hands.

 Now for swatches, these are all taken in direct sunlight as it is hopelessly grey indoors.

Top row, left to right.
#555, matte bone.
#375, matte warm taupe with blue subtle shimmer.
#05, cool pearly greyed taupe.
#17, cool multidimensional greyed taupe.

Bottom row, left to right.
#26, pearly pink champagne.
#20, warm golden brown.
#42, golden green.
#45, silvered green.

Well, I hope they are of some use to somebody out there. I have been really loving these eyeshadows for quite some time. I'll get back to catching up on Vampire Diaries Season 3 so I can start watching the new season...
Thanks for reading ♥

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