Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A public apology for an unintended absence...

Well hello strangers!

I must say, it has indeed been a rather lengthy period of time since my last post in... Ahem, March? *looks shifty*

A quick rundown of all the events and decisions I have made over the last 6 months.

  • I quit my telesales job as my team leader and I got into a massive argument in which should've essentially resulted in me kicking his dumbass!
  • I started a new call centre role in retail banking which is possibly too easy for my banking experience.
  • Our car tyres got slashed along with 6 other residents along our street, sadly a week before the car was getting scrapped. Dear boyfriend then bought a new car.
  • We decided to splash out on a new sofa from LaZboy... Yes, the 3 seater power recliner which will soon be followed by the famous Joey chair! Said sofa is still not here yet and I am starting to get delectably impatient :|
  • NPower. That is all.
And we are now here, to the point of no return! A lot of expenditure on life essentials has meant that one has not cared or hauled makeup on a large scale for a very long time. But hang on a second you moron I hear you cry, you have many an item in your stash to play with?! Indeed I do, and that is exactly what I have been focusing on. I will be bringing back the Friday Favourites, not to mention a 30 days of Fyrinnae and mass swatches of Sleek, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Fyrinnae, Wet n Wild plus more :)

So I am relentlessly sorry for such a long hiatus, it was very unintended. But hopefully you will welcome me back with open arms! For that here's a quick favourite eyeshadow colour group I did for the wonderful Laitae. Please excuse the FreddieR tags... I haven't got the original images to re-edit, DOH!

Well, hopefully all is forgiven and it's good to be back!
Thanks for reading ♥

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