Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday Favourites #6... Whoops!

Good evening all!

Well, there were meant to be goings on between last Friday and today of course... But those of you who know me or have seen the recent updates from me on Makeupalley, I may have had a little issue.

Yesterday I may have spent around 7hrs in the Leicester Royal Infirmary hospital. I kind of blacked out just before leaving for work and didn't have a clue why :( I was advised by my rather sweet manager to visit the walk-in centre, which I did and after a few basic tests they transferred me straight to the A&E Majors ward. As you can imagine, this is where I started to worry! But after some blood tests and other things involving stickers and wires, not to mention an extremely worried boyfriend (he might have left his phone at home, so was clueless until he finished work) finally finding me, I was then allowed to return home as long as I stayed off work under constant supervision for 24 - 48hrs... They ruled out seizures thankfully, I still have to see a specialist to confirm it wasn't a fit. But they believe it was due to a very increased drop in blood pressure! The unexplained part was that I was out cold for at least 30 minutes.

Oh well, all over with now and I bring forth this weeks favourites. It actually seems to be very brand specific this week :)

Friday favourites #6.
MAC Greasepaint Stick ~ Slick Black.
This is a very much forgotten product for me! In fact, I have previously used up 2 that's how much I loved it. Well, this is perfect for using as a base or on the lower lid area. Great find in my back up drawer.

MAC Lipstick ~ Way To Love.
This annoyingly limited edition lipstick is a firm favourite of mine. I am nearing the stubby end of this ideal pale pink, that's a tinge out of the MLBB zone. No idea what to even replace it with! Any ideas for a MAC replacement would be helpful...

MAC Pigment ~ Magenta Madness.
For so long I hated this pigment as it never went on my lids smoothly, took a lot of work! But after spotting some awesome inspiration on Pinterest using this bad boy as liner, I had to give it a go. Paired with the next item, it is an amazing neon pink that packs quite a punch when used as winged liner.

Illamasqua ~ Sealing Gel.
This is an amazing product, but very finicky quite frankly! But gives me the ability to turn any pigment, loose or pressed eyeshadow into eyeliner, yes an utter dream for a liner addict such as myself.

Illamasqua ~ Skinbase Foundation.
Yes, the print has worn off that's how much I go back to this product. As the summer months have slowly disappeared, I have been able to go back to more creamy formulas. This foundation is perfect for me as it seems to wear very well on my combination skin, giving me a very much desired flawless complexion :)

Anthem of the week.
Jamal ~ Peron.
Those that know me well are fully aware of my love of Jamal, Słonca Łan being my most played track on my phone... Of course, I don't fully understand the lyrics but musically I'm addicted :)
Apologies, the original Vevo video won't link...

Well, hit me back with your current faves music or makeup!!
Take it easy peoples and thanks for reading ♥

Friday, 18 October 2013

Friday Favourites #5.

Yes, they're back!!

And a good evening to you all...
So here is the return of Friday favourites as I wear makeup on a daily basis, yes even today as I write to you from my death bed. Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, more like unexplained sickness mode and I'm still sporting huge neon pink wings on my eyelids.

Let's git it done!

Some random contenders this week.

Too Faced ~ Snow Bunny Luminous bronzer.
Now this is far to pale and shimmery to be a bronzer on my skintone, but hot darn it's a gorgeous highlighter! Even using the shades separately on my lids has been a nifty trick in the early mornings. Many thanks to the wonderful Lou (of VioletOblivia blog, see here).

MAC Studio Fix plus powder ~ NC30.
Been cranking up the full coverage now the cooler weather has set in, but oddly this makes for an awesome matte eyeshadow for when I want really loud and bold liner.

Sleek ~ Antique blush.
I have mixed feeling of love/hate with this guy. I love the colour in the pan and on my face cheeks, but the large particles of shimmer are not really flattering. Gladly they can be gently brushed away, otherwise a gorgeous rosy nude blush in the same family as NARS Douceur and Benefit Dallas.

MAC ~ Well Dressed blush.
This was one of my first blushes, and still not panned the cheeky blighter! Admittedly it takes a lot of product for this to have any effect on my skintone, but I do love it.

Urban Decay ~ Naked palette.
Yes, I know... Neutrals. Who am I? A lazy bish is who I am, this palette is so easy to use when I am on early shifts. Not to mention easy to amp up for a full on eye makeup look!

Anthem of the week.
Iggy Azalea ~ Change Your Life.

Yes it returns with some sexiness! I have such a soft spot for Iggy (Driveller keep your filth out of this!), love her music, style and makeup of course. NSFW, there's a bit of nip in this one!

Well, that's all rantings from me today. Any weekly faves or go-to's from you lot out there? Link in the comments :)
Thanks for reading and onto the weekend ♥

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Favourites.

Good evening people.

So here we are, rolling right into October already! How on earth did this happen so quickly, I'll never know. Next we'll know it'll be my birthday and I'll be nearing 30 :|
Anyway, onto the favourites of the month. I've been mixing it up lately, so trying to narrow this selection down was quite hard as I've been going back to some old favourites from a few years ago!

Please excuse the massive amount of flash in my images today, the dulling light was a real pain in the backside... Must find my large white sketch pad again for pics!

Face Stuffs.

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhance - SX06.
I'm quite lazy with my base makeup lately, this mixed with a liquid highlighter or thin moisturiser has been really serving me well.

Benefit It Stick.
I have been trying to find a purpose for this pencil style concealer, it doesn't work for my skintone as an actual concealer so had sat unused for some time. But lately this guy has become quite nifty for adding to my strong brow addiction. Just a tad along the lower part of my brows and BAM, so much more definition!

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer & MAC Studio Fix Fluid - NC25.
I actually don't like these 2 products on their own, but together they seem to behave better on my skin. The primer does nothing for my skin type with any other foundation, and Studio Fix seems a bit too dry for my nowadays. But together they seem to work in harmony?! Become a bit of a work base staple for me now.

Rimmel Stay Matte powder - 001 Translucent.
I'm sure the massive pan says it all. This is my 3rd, maybe 4th pan and already have a replacement. May have turned into a bit of a holy grail product, which is good for me as it replaced the annoyingly discontinued Le Metier de Beaute powder I have almost used up.

Sleek blush - Honour & Edward Bess Ultra Luminous bronzer - Daydream.
Since finishing up my favourite bronzer (Armani Sheer #1), I still craved that bronzey shimmer it added to my skin. These 2 are the closest I have to recreating the desired finish, but I have to say I'm quite surprised how long Daydream has lasted me with such continuous use... Finally got a peek of pan last week!

Armani Sheer blsuh - 10.
MAC Mineralize blush duo - Happy Together.
Shu Uemura Glow On - P Peach 42.
I have been really loving more sheer, glowy blushes again. I think it's the Autumn weather kicking out my love of obnoxious blush again... Can't believe I even dug out an old MAC favourite this month! Another reminder of why I used to be such a MAC obsessive :)

Hard Candy So Baked bronzer - Tiki.
I saved these baked bronzers from my purge pile as I actually like them! But Tiki has been promoted to top of the powder highlighter ranks. My usual favourite of MAC Shimpagne seems to be too much in comparison to Tiki's subtle glow.

Eye Stuffs.

Wet 'n' Wild - Nutty, Addiction - Sandbar, Catrice - Oh, It's Toffeeful!
I have been all about a  neutral wash with winged liner lately, who'd have thought this would happen? Well, it might have something to do with work shifts involving me getting up at 6am. But these 3 are fundamental basics in my go-to makeup bag... Well, you can see my love for Nutty! It's almost done.

Shiseido Shimmering Cream - BR306.
With all the love out there on the interwebs for Shiseido eyeshadows, I had forgotten I actually love and own these creams. I genuinely forgot how soft they are when I just plonked my brush in there, but the shocker is how well they actually last on my eyelids! The kick of shimmer too amps up the neutral tone for me too.

Chanel Illusion d'Ombre - Apparition.
I never really knew what to do with this one, it seemed to always be left on the side lines compared to my other Ombres. But paired with some amazing Fyrinnae eyeshadows, it seems to really take control! I have been so focused on black bases that I overlooked the fact that navy & blue is somewhat genius for duochrome shades.

MAC pigments - Blue Brown & Aurora.
As you can probably tell, I'm on a neutral kick lately. Aurora is a less golden taupe on me compared to the likes of WnW Nutty, which is really easy for me to wear with my basic winged liner. Blue Brown on the other hand... Oh gosh, over Apparition it becomes so much more! The blue base just kicks it up a notch.

Fyrinnae Arcane Magic - Conjurer & Loose - Jade Ghost.
Conjurer for me is the best duochrome shadow out there, I love pairing this with the navy base from Apparition and then adding a cheeky bit of Jade Ghost on top. Create such simple drama with very little effort (I think a FOTD is due with these 3). Jade Ghost on the other hand is a very sheer pale mint, on it's own it's rather boring... But layered on neutrals, jewels, brights, it seems to create something very interesting!

MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack.
I think everyone in my life knows how much I love Essence's gel liner, but needing to finish up some of my oldies I have been cracking on with this one! I'm surprised it's actually lasted me so long, but I can say I prefer it now it's a bit drier... Although I can feel it's almost at it's end :( Just a few more uses to go!

Rimmel ScandalEyes mascara & YSL Shocking mascara.
I'm one of those odd girls that isn't actually fussy about mascara, I don't even curl my lashes or wear falsies anymore! So why is it, I've become picky? This is my 3rd tube of the Rimmel, which honestly impresses me. It seems to create much needed volume with a tinge of length where needed. The YSL on the other hand has been great for fat lashes and volume, does nothing for length sadly. But I am quite liking this...

Makeup Forever Aqua Shadow pencil - #20 Pearly Taupe.
I am really fond of taupe these days, never in a million years did I see that coming! But this pencil has been out of action for a while due to not having a large enough sharpener... But once I got it sharpened it has been a great basic for me. Alone or as a base, I am truly impressed by how long this actually stays on my lids. I have actually napped for quite some time and woken with perfect eyeshadow on! A true stay all day product.

Well, that's enough ramblings from me today... What have been your favourites for September?
Now time to rest it up before another 6am wake up :(
Thanks for reading ♥