Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday Favourites #6... Whoops!

Good evening all!

Well, there were meant to be goings on between last Friday and today of course... But those of you who know me or have seen the recent updates from me on Makeupalley, I may have had a little issue.

Yesterday I may have spent around 7hrs in the Leicester Royal Infirmary hospital. I kind of blacked out just before leaving for work and didn't have a clue why :( I was advised by my rather sweet manager to visit the walk-in centre, which I did and after a few basic tests they transferred me straight to the A&E Majors ward. As you can imagine, this is where I started to worry! But after some blood tests and other things involving stickers and wires, not to mention an extremely worried boyfriend (he might have left his phone at home, so was clueless until he finished work) finally finding me, I was then allowed to return home as long as I stayed off work under constant supervision for 24 - 48hrs... They ruled out seizures thankfully, I still have to see a specialist to confirm it wasn't a fit. But they believe it was due to a very increased drop in blood pressure! The unexplained part was that I was out cold for at least 30 minutes.

Oh well, all over with now and I bring forth this weeks favourites. It actually seems to be very brand specific this week :)

Friday favourites #6.
MAC Greasepaint Stick ~ Slick Black.
This is a very much forgotten product for me! In fact, I have previously used up 2 that's how much I loved it. Well, this is perfect for using as a base or on the lower lid area. Great find in my back up drawer.

MAC Lipstick ~ Way To Love.
This annoyingly limited edition lipstick is a firm favourite of mine. I am nearing the stubby end of this ideal pale pink, that's a tinge out of the MLBB zone. No idea what to even replace it with! Any ideas for a MAC replacement would be helpful...

MAC Pigment ~ Magenta Madness.
For so long I hated this pigment as it never went on my lids smoothly, took a lot of work! But after spotting some awesome inspiration on Pinterest using this bad boy as liner, I had to give it a go. Paired with the next item, it is an amazing neon pink that packs quite a punch when used as winged liner.

Illamasqua ~ Sealing Gel.
This is an amazing product, but very finicky quite frankly! But gives me the ability to turn any pigment, loose or pressed eyeshadow into eyeliner, yes an utter dream for a liner addict such as myself.

Illamasqua ~ Skinbase Foundation.
Yes, the print has worn off that's how much I go back to this product. As the summer months have slowly disappeared, I have been able to go back to more creamy formulas. This foundation is perfect for me as it seems to wear very well on my combination skin, giving me a very much desired flawless complexion :)

Anthem of the week.
Jamal ~ Peron.
Those that know me well are fully aware of my love of Jamal, Słonca Łan being my most played track on my phone... Of course, I don't fully understand the lyrics but musically I'm addicted :)
Apologies, the original Vevo video won't link...

Well, hit me back with your current faves music or makeup!!
Take it easy peoples and thanks for reading ♥

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