Sunday, 23 February 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3.


As I sit here pondering about blueberry pancakes, bacon and porridge... It may be morning right now, I thought I'd better kick start my swatches of my most recent purchase! Yes, I gave in to it's cry of glory. I purchased the Naked 3 palette. Now, this is a very odd move for me since I tend to favour more warm or golden tones for eyeshadows (explaining my on going affair with Naked 1!). But after I spotted it at the counter in my local Debenhams store, I had to swatch it... There was no going back, some of these tones were exactly what I have been looking for in my stash lately and seemingly missing as I purged a lot of my rosier pinks a long time ago :O

On to the imagery... We all know what to expect of this palette now as it's been available for quite some time. So nothing new here!

My camera flash killing it as always!

And close ups in more 'natural' light, bring on the spring sunshine as I'm sick of not getting decent light. Right, let's get on with the swatchings. Now my arms are somewhere between NC25-30, probably closer to NC25 as it's winter! I swatched the shadows on bare skin, no primer and with my finger :) I had to adjust my camera settings for the second half as the shades were pulling very cool, which they are a tinge but they are a bit more pink toned on me.

Left to right:
Strange ~ Matte
Dust ~ Glitter
Burnout ~ Shimmer
Limit ~ Matte
Buzz ~ Shimmer
Trick ~ Shimmer

As you can see, slight adjustment which actually shows my red arm from removing the shadows!
Left to right:
Nooner ~ Matte
Liar ~ Metallic
Factory ~ Shimmer (low)
Mugshot ~ Metallic (I love this guy!!)
Darkside ~ Shimmer (low)
Blackheart ~ Glitter (low)

It genuinely shocks me that I picked this up, I think the kicker was how genuinely smooth all the shadows felt to touch/swatch instore even on the tester palette! My brand new one is even nicer, there seems to be a difference in this palette and my original release of Naked 1... Was expected as I know Urban Decay reformulated recently, but still this is for the better.

After a very foolish mistake whilst doing my work FOTD yesterday, these have genuinely proved themselves to me. I may have forgotten to put on primer, which with my eyelids is essential due to my good ol' hooded lids. I thought, heck I'll continue and put these to the real test! To my surprise, on returning home after a very tedious 8hr shift on a Saturday... My eyeshadow was still perfect with no creasing! Mugshot, you have won my heart :)

Well, that is enough ramblings for a Sunday... Would love to hear your thought on combinations for this palette!
Enjoy the weekend and thanks for reading ♥

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