Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Zoeva #322 Brow Line brush.


I am an absolute sucker for a good strong man brow. Yes, that's right! I like my brows chunky, full and flattened :)

Which had me consider a new brow brush recently. Don't get me wrong, I do quite like my trusty SUQQU Eyebrow G but have been hankering for something with shorter bristles and wider brush. This lead me to Zoeva (thank you Laitae!)... I do like synthetic brushes, some of my HG brushes are inexpensive synthetics to be fair. But wow this brand seems to be a much better deal than Sigma are these days!

I settled on the #322 Brow Line brush from Love-Makeup, although at the time of typing this it is currently out of stock. It also seems to be out of stock on Zoeva until early March, this site does ship internationally too.

The brush comes nicely packaged in a lovely zip up case, one shall be using this for brush storage in my bag! Also a little plastic sleeve to protect the brush which admittedly I toss straight into the bin.

In comparison to the SUQQU, it is much shorter and wider indeed. Sorry, had to retake the picture as it was originally extremely dark... So this is after a pathetic wipe attempt. The SUQQU G is certainly ideal for a soft natural look, but does involve a lot of brushing out with a spoolie afterwards as it tends to give a fair bit of depth in colour application. The Zoeva however, seems to be perfect for a more softer approach. It certainly seems to cover a wider area, for me this is essential in my early morning rush to get ready. What I do actually prefer from this brush is the thin straight line application, giving me a far more structured brow!

Top: Zoeva (left) and SUQQU (right)
Bottom: Zoeva (top) and SUQQU (bottom)
Overall, I am quite impressed with this brush that only cost 5.50GBP! I may have to dabble in a few more once I sort out my job situation (I have interviews all over the place as I need to get out of my current role, lol)

Hopefully that is of some use to somebody out there!
Any other brow brushes I should consider? Leave a comment or send me an email :)
Thanks for ready ♥

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