Saturday, 1 March 2014

Friday Favourites #8.


It's a wonderful Saturday morning and I have been cleaning, yes that's right... Trying to be a successful adult :| This is when I remember I forgot to upload my favourites yesterday in my mad rush to do shopping before work (never again).

I have my windows open, sun beaming in and a bit of Vaski blaring out the speakers. So here is the low down for this weeks favourites whilst trying to get into the spirit of Spring :)

Clarins ~ Eau des Jardins.
Giorgio Armni ~ Acqua di Gioia.
Both of these fragrances with their citrus, mint and floral notes usually scream Spring for me. Changing up my winter heavy gasoline, sandalwood and bergamott go to scents for these citrus ones seem to lift me out of the winter blues. But the sad news is they are almost empty! The anger of repurchase without discount this time.

MAC ~ Fix+ Rose.
This bad boy from MAC's 2009 collection A Rose Romance *sob* Oh how I loved this collection... Oh yes, this was a back up I had gathering dust as I forgot about it. But I have rediscovered the beauty of Fix+ again as I am in love with a more dare I say it, dewy finish. Plus I love it to refresh my face throughout the day!

Bourjois CC Cream ~ #33.
From the moment this liquid touched my skin, I knew I was going to love it. From my previous BB/CC/ZZ/whatever cream experience most of them were extremely grey, orange, pink toned on me and thick, greasy products that did not suit my skin type of combo. This seems to have a very nice natural coverage that is buildable and an oddly matte finish! PERFECT Bourjois, bravo!

Maybelline ~ Rocket Volume Express mascara.
What the deuce? WHERE'S MY RIMMEL? Kidding, I was sent this as part of a secret santa exchange and my initial thoughts were not too good. But after leaving it for a month it seems to be a bit drier now and easier to build up on my lashes. I take back my initial thoughts with no hesitation as my lashes do look a lot more voluminous.

byTerry ~ Baume de Rose.
With my current state of lip chappage I needed to pull out the big guns as nothing is helping. Is it just me or have I been loving rose scents lately... weird?! Anyway, this seems to be a pot of magical balm that adds a milky tint to my lips that I love. I'm thankful I bit the bullet and bought this whilst the UK VAT had been lowered to 15%.

Anthem of the week!
The Neighborhood ~ Sweater Weather (Vaski remix).
The original I do really love, but this is such a crank up the volume, dance and sing-a-long track. Vaski, you steal my ears with this one everytime.

Well, weekend plans are underway! Challenge burger and drinky plus with a girlfriend :)
What have your favourites been lately and have a good weekend!!
Thanks for reading ♥

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