Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday Sunshine presents lipstick favourites!


Is it just me or is today, a Sunday be it just utterly glorious in the UK? The sun is beaming in through my windows which are actually open and I have a bit of LAXX cranked up to the max on the stereo... Boy, such a difference once some sunshine has been injected into the world :)

Anyway, I have to apologise for the lack of updates last week as I was uber busy at work with my trio of new joiners in their second week of training! But with such a beautiful day, I thought it's a good day to die hard... No wait, I mean a good day to swatch some of my current favourite lipsticks (who can resist a Bruce Willis reference)!

Starting with some items that I've had for a while and new entries, but brand specific: MAC. I know there is a lot of love/hate for MAC Cosmetics these days, but I still have a soft spot for this line. Many of the lipsticks have come and gone in my life, but a few have held up. The recent new entries are certainly staying put as they are ideal basics for my working wardrobe.

Left to right:
All MAC lipsticks
A Way to Love ~ lustre
Phlox ~ glaze
Speed Dial ~ cremesheen
Chatterbox ~ amplified
Peachstock ~ satin

Next up are the mix of other lipstick brands, mattes, sheer glosses, creams... I have been loving glosses recently which tells me it's time to add some new spring/summer shades to my options! Ebay time for Innisfree haulings one ponders.

Left to right:
Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid ~ #902 Fuchsia Flash
Wet n Wild Megalast ~ #966 Don't Blink Pink
Revlon Matte ~ #005 Strawberry Suede
Givenchy Le Rouge ~ #302 Hibiscus Exclusif
Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet ~ #37 L'Exuberante

Left to right:
Chantecaille Lip Chic ~ Zinnia
Burt's Bees Replenishing lip balm ~ Pomegranate

Well, that last swatch was a bit pointless... But it seems to enhance my natural lip colour which is ideal for a lazy makeup day or work when I feel like all the moisture is being sucked out of me! Finally I have a few of my absolute faves, will be adding to a certain lonely Vivid as the texture, pigment and longevity is just wonderful.

Left to right:
Bite High Pigment Pencil ~ Zinfandel
Sephora Cream Lip Stain ~ #03 Strawberry Kissed
Hourglass Aura Sheer Lip Stain ~ Flushed
Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge ~ #9

Honestly, since that Innisfree tint landed in my hands last year, I have been obsessing over it! Neon coral? CHECK! Staining? CHECK! Jelly like? CHECK-A-MUNDO! I need to dabble in more with this brand now... Driveller you have ruined me for life, lol!

Well that's enough ramblings for today, it's time to prep lunch and get on with boring chores such as cleaning and laundry... Does this make me an adult? Gosh, I hope not as I don't think I can successfully adult at all *looks around for an adult who successfully adults* NOT ME :)

Have a lovely day and thanks for reading ♥

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Swatchable Thursday: Sleek Blush by and some Back2MAC!

Good morning everyone!

So, back here again on the 6th March... Such an awful day for me in general, but I figured I'd keep my mind busy doing stuffs :)

In the process of attempting to take pictures for swatches, I have come to realize how little natural light I have in my apartment. Well, throw in a gloomy, cloudy day and I have no hope! Knew I should've done this yesterday darn it, sun was actually out?! But that was no reason for the windows to be open (glares at the Mr). Well, shall we get started?

My local MAC counter are a bit mean when letting me B2M my empties, only 2 at a time says the girl with sharpie brows and orange contour... Oh well, that's fine! At this point I'm happy just to get an assistants attention as it's always overcrowded and filled with teenager *shudders*

My last attempt got me Speed Dial (which is currently AWOL, do I replace?) and Coral Bliss cremesheens, this time I thought I'd go for something a bit more matte or full on!

As you can see in the second image, that is the really poor level of lighting I'm having to contend with, No matter what I do! Thankfully, I managed to get a decent shot pre-swatching! So, what did I get I hear you say? Russian Red (matte) and Chatterbox (amplified). I have always favoured the Amplified formula over all the others as they offer full pigment with creaminess, but I am not one to turn down the beauty of a matte either... So opted for a very beautiful Russian Red :)

Left: Russian Red
Right: Chatterbox

I feel like such a fool for waiting so long to pick up Chatterbox quite frankly! This is the perfect pink for everyday wear I have been hunting for... Speed Dial is gorgeous but the formula can be a bit strange on my lips, especially in the winter.

Let's move on to one of my favourite products, Sleek blushes. I have managed to get my hands on the new Blush by 3 trios, none of the stores seemed to have these instock... So I just bit the bullet and ordered online. Now, I do have the recent release Sweet Cheeks with the brands first dabble in a cream formula and I must say I was quite impressed. Now, I will always prefer a powder formula but do tend to switch it up in the warmer months and if I go on holiday too. So was more than happy to buy the new trios. Anyway, enough of this rambling...

Sleek Blush by 3 in Californ.I.A.

Sleek Blush by 3 in Pink Lemonade.
Now Californ.I.A is a glorious trio of cream shades, the peachy, corally beauty it is and Pink Lemonade is a mix with the middle shade being cream with 2 powders. Now the latter, Pink Lemonade is a beautiful mix of warm and cool pink tones. Icing Sugar (far left) is very similar to Mirrored Pink, maybe not as much silver shimmer in it, but Pink Mint is an absolutely stunning warm shimmery pink which I seem to lack in my current stash.

Californ.I.A (left to right):
Newport Beach
The Surf

I do feel like The Surf (middle shade), is going to be one of those tones that disappears into my skin tone. It seems to behave quite strangely compared to the rest, a tad more glossy perhaps... Oh well, we'll see when FOTD time comes!

Pink Lemonade (left to right):
Icing Sugar
Pink Mink

As you can probably see, Macaroon is far more impressive once swatched. I'm thinking this paired with MAC Chatterbox and a simple smoky eye look? Let's get it done already :)

Well, that's all for today... Back to moping around the apartment wishing for things that can never be changed. Hope you all have a good day!
Thanks for reading ♥

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Friday Favourites #8.


It's a wonderful Saturday morning and I have been cleaning, yes that's right... Trying to be a successful adult :| This is when I remember I forgot to upload my favourites yesterday in my mad rush to do shopping before work (never again).

I have my windows open, sun beaming in and a bit of Vaski blaring out the speakers. So here is the low down for this weeks favourites whilst trying to get into the spirit of Spring :)

Clarins ~ Eau des Jardins.
Giorgio Armni ~ Acqua di Gioia.
Both of these fragrances with their citrus, mint and floral notes usually scream Spring for me. Changing up my winter heavy gasoline, sandalwood and bergamott go to scents for these citrus ones seem to lift me out of the winter blues. But the sad news is they are almost empty! The anger of repurchase without discount this time.

MAC ~ Fix+ Rose.
This bad boy from MAC's 2009 collection A Rose Romance *sob* Oh how I loved this collection... Oh yes, this was a back up I had gathering dust as I forgot about it. But I have rediscovered the beauty of Fix+ again as I am in love with a more dare I say it, dewy finish. Plus I love it to refresh my face throughout the day!

Bourjois CC Cream ~ #33.
From the moment this liquid touched my skin, I knew I was going to love it. From my previous BB/CC/ZZ/whatever cream experience most of them were extremely grey, orange, pink toned on me and thick, greasy products that did not suit my skin type of combo. This seems to have a very nice natural coverage that is buildable and an oddly matte finish! PERFECT Bourjois, bravo!

Maybelline ~ Rocket Volume Express mascara.
What the deuce? WHERE'S MY RIMMEL? Kidding, I was sent this as part of a secret santa exchange and my initial thoughts were not too good. But after leaving it for a month it seems to be a bit drier now and easier to build up on my lashes. I take back my initial thoughts with no hesitation as my lashes do look a lot more voluminous.

byTerry ~ Baume de Rose.
With my current state of lip chappage I needed to pull out the big guns as nothing is helping. Is it just me or have I been loving rose scents lately... weird?! Anyway, this seems to be a pot of magical balm that adds a milky tint to my lips that I love. I'm thankful I bit the bullet and bought this whilst the UK VAT had been lowered to 15%.

Anthem of the week!
The Neighborhood ~ Sweater Weather (Vaski remix).
The original I do really love, but this is such a crank up the volume, dance and sing-a-long track. Vaski, you steal my ears with this one everytime.

Well, weekend plans are underway! Challenge burger and drinky plus with a girlfriend :)
What have your favourites been lately and have a good weekend!!
Thanks for reading ♥