Friday, 20 March 2015

Stuff and Things!

Good Evening good people!

So I am sat here this evening sipping lemon & cucumber water and painting my nails with my newly purchased Barry M Speedy Nails polishes and I'm pondering.

Oh wait a second, what is that Mira?
You're writing a new post?

Oh maybe, just maybe I am writing to you all from my nice shiny new Samsung Series 3 Notebook?!

That's right... I am now, back in the world of computing without having to skank from my darling dziobek and his desktop! That's one thing off my New Year's Resolution list, what about you?
I must say, it really is good to be typing some randoms again in my own corner of the internet. Perhaps some swatches are a welcoming idea :)

On that note, I really should scrub my face and catch some sleep as I have work in the morrow.
Hope you have all been well!