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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hello stranger...

Well hello peoples!

Firstly, I hope you all welcome me back with open arms after I irrationally deleted this blog and all of it's contents. But I felt a little remorse and decided to save it from the dark depths of forever deletion :)
This post is brought to you by the wonderfulness that is Laura Jean from My Newest Addiction, of whom I love muchly! She sent me a few love goodies, which I have been rather excited to try. So here goes...

First up, Wet n Wild I ♥ Matte 8 pan palette and Baked Limited Edition Coloricon Eye Kit in Baking A Cake (well hello pinks, purples and cake...) 6 pan palette and Coloricon shimmer eyeliner in Black.

I ♥ Matte palette, my eyes are drawn straight to that purple of course.  

Baking A Cake Palette, flash. 

Baking A Cake Palette, no flash.

And as for swatches, apologies! Today is a bit gloomy and pics aren't as clear as I like for the matte palette.

WnW I ♥ Matte palette.

WnW Baking A Cake palette, swatched dry.

WnW Baking A Cake palette, swatched wet. 

And the destruction after wet swatching, lol! The middle shade on the bottom row is surprisingly the most gorgeous colour both wet and dry. I will be trying that shade first without a doubt, FOTD pics to come :)
The texture of the matte palette is nice and smooth in my opinion, but the right neutral side seems to swatch creamier and better than the left brighter side. As with the baked palette, you can see the difference between the wet and dry swatches. But the bright pink and purple both seem to be a teeny bit of a let down, even when wet they both needed a second layer of colour on the swatch. But we will see what happens when attempted on my lids of course!

Next up, the very cute Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Set.

Left to right: White Widow, Gunmetal, Apocalypse, Meltdown.

Left to right: Meltdown, Grunge, Big Bang, F-Bomb.

And finally, a very gorgeous Essence Holographics nail polish in Gagalectric and a Dalton Colour Creme Lip Gloss in Lisa Lou. I have never heard of Dalton, but seemingly it's a QVC brand which is quite nice :)

It has a really gorgeous purpley pink sparkle which is not obnoxious on the lips! 

I look forward to trying this one over black nail polish!

That is all from me today. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to post a comment or drop me an email at
Thanks for reading, and have a fab weekend!